"This is a store just for us."

So what makes our Bestlife Gifts Store unique? 


While there are many online shops to choose from, the Bestlife Gift store is the only brick-and-mortar store dedicated 100% to souvenirs to help you remember your trip to Bethel. 


* Your favorite pins.

* Fun refrigerator magnets.

* And much, much more.


As a result, we often hear the friends say...

"This is a store just for us."

“How does it make you feel?”

So what are you looking forward to most about your trip to World headquarters?


Well we want to make your Bethel visit special. So we work very hard to create a warm inviting environment to enhance your visit. 


From the moment you enter the store, you will feel at home among God’s people. Imagine being greeted by your fellow brothers and sisters as you enter the door. Many of them are 

pioneers, LDC workers, and commuter Bethelites that have moved up here ... just like you.


Imagine as you look around,how everything is new and exciting,  yet familiar at the same time.  You will recognize the original songs played in the background, the videos on our monitors, as well as the JW archive memorabilia. 

As a result, many of our visitors say it feels like an extension of their visit to bethel.


Family you haven't met yet.

That's how one of the brothers described being in our store. 


After all, we are all brothers and sisters aren't we? So imagine busloads of mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers you just haven't met yet.  It feels like a convention in here sometimes! 


Best of all, they are all here for the same reason you are. They want to experience Bethel and the brotherhood.


Can you feel the energy yet?


Friends come from all over the world to visit Bethel. So here is your opportunity to make new friends among our international family. 


It really reminds us of the special worldwide brotherhood that Jehovah's people share. See for yourself as you look at our Instagram wall of new friends made right here at the store. Maybe we will see your photo here soon :)

Made by the friends for the friends

Here at BestLife Gifts we have brothers and sisters from all over the world that make our gifts for the friends. 


From Peru to India, Mexico to Canada, and all over the United States too. Many are supporting themselves in full time service. You'll find one-of-a-kind gifts and souvenirs that celebrate the best life ever.


Please feel free to take your time to find that special something to commemorate your experience. 


Now let me ask you...

Have you ever gone on the internet to a gift store and wished that you could pick up and touch items that you were looking at? 


It's one thing to look at a photo, and it's quite another to feel and see what the item looks like in person, isn't it? That's why the friends love the BestLife Gifts Store. You never have to worry whether the item is going to look as good as it does in the picture!


By the way...

Don't be surprised when you get home and the friends ask you where you got your beautiful gifts. How do we know? Because many have called us up and asked us to ship them additional item!


Thankfully, you can now shop online 24/7 at BestLifeGifts.com to buy additional souvenirs for your friends and family.

“It’s the best life ever”

All of us are dealing with something nowadays. You know exactly what we mean, don't you?


That is why now is the perfect time to come visit Bethel.


It is a reminder of what we truly have.

And what is really important.

Something the world will never understand.


Come and take a sneak peak at what new world living is like.


Many of the friends that visit say this was exactly what they needed. Like a shot of vitamins right in the arm!  It helped them refocus and reconnect to the brotherhood. It also reminded them we truly do have the best life ever.

“It's just around the corner”

So where are we located? 


We are just around the corner from Wallkill Watchtower Farms and the US branch. Approximately 10 minutes away in downtown Pine Bush, NY!

We are located in “Valley Supreme Plaza” right behind the Dunkin Donuts on State Route 52. 


We hope to see you soon!

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We Ship Worldwide!


      2412 Rte 52 #10

       Pine Bush, NY 12566

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