These Truth Bee Told Cards are designed to help you get better acquainted with others
by stimulating spiritual conversation. Since there are no points or wrong answers, only
upbuilding conversation, everyone benefits, both young and old alike! Great to play with
grandparents, at gatherings, when you have guests for dinner, or while traveling in a car
group - anytime you want to enjoy an interchange of encouragement. Recall great
memories from the past, or think ahead to our bright future! Updated! Cards now come
in a metal box.
Each box of game cards includes 2 levels of play:
 Young Christians - includes 48 Level I & 32 Level II cards
 Level I (Blue) - Questions for young ones and those new in the truth
 Level II (Green) - Questions for baptized ones of any age
 Mature Christians - includes 32 Level III & 48 IV cards
 Level III (Pink) - Questions suitable for mature individuals
 Level IV (Yellow) - Questions for those with many years of experience in
the truth 

Game includes: 80 Game Cards stored in a metal box
Other Information:
 This game is designed for Jehovah's Witnesses and uses theocratic vocabulary.

Truth Be Told – Card Game – Mature Christians – Metal Box

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